Live-Zoom Training

Choose the live-zoom training if you want to meet other Trainees and participate in the activities and discussions.

The mostly live-zoom 96 Hour training includes 60 hours of live-zoom classes + 35 hours of recorded training and practicum + 1 hour final one-to-one check-in with a Trainer.

Attend on the specified times and participate live from the comfort of home.

These live classes are recorded for you to review at a later date or to watch to make up a missed class.

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and enhance your skills as a Children's Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher with this Training.

"I completed my children’s yoga training in 2020 with young yoga masters. Since then I have been gradually teaching children in summer camps, daycare centres and running my own after school yoga program. The courses offer a wealth of teaching material, resources and very effective lesson plans. Aruna continues to support me on my teaching journey offering advice and support. I have recently found new weekly teaching opportunities in local Montessori schools and I am very excited as my business grows. Thank you for creating this amazing course. "

Fay S.

Radiant Moon Yoga