Family Yoga Teacher Training

This 4 Hour Module includes:

  • 4 Hours of training videos you can complete at your own pace
  • Certificate of completion for 4 Hours of training that counts towards your 96 Hour Certificate with Young Yoga Masters, a Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga School


Family Yoga and adult and child yoga classes can become the hub of a new community. These classes give people a place to gather for healthy activities, to meet like-minded people who are also interested in yoga, and for some, to meet new friends who have children and form new communities.

  • Explore the integral role family yoga can play in building healthy families and healthy community
  • Discover over 20 fun games and activities to engage children and adults of all ages
  • Create opportunities for families to bond in a positive way
  • Learn how to teach adult and child yoga (mom’s and tots), and family yoga classes with all ages,
  • Receive a 50+ page manual which includes 6 sample lesson plans to use as a template for your future classes as well

Look Inside the Family Yoga Certificate

Explore the integral role family yoga can play in building healthy families and healthy community

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Your 4 Hour Certificate is issued online at the successful completion of all module course work.

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Love this Course!

"Thanks Aruna for all of this amazing content! Absolutely love this course!

I love the connection with the whole family during these yoga classes, all the fun poses to do as a family as well, I couldn't pick just one! We are starting weekly yoga classes with our family!"

- Samantha Surian

“Hi and thank you for sharing this wonderful information and reminders. I really enjoy how you provide early childhood information and the reason why things are important. I also enjoy that Aruna mentions the brain development and modeling is key to "lead by example." As adults and teacher many times one forgets, I just want to share thank you for the tips, examples, and resources. I appreciate you.”

- Johana Lizeth Hernandez

"I really enjoyed this. I loved all the examples and different activity suggestions offered here. What I love best is starting out with the ball to learn everyone's names and doing different stretches and exercises with the ball as a starting exercise."

- Sigalit Sharabi