Become a Kids Yoga Teacher!

Join this practical and comprehensive training to become a kids yoga teacher.

This training counts towards the Yoga Alliance standards*, plus gives you a ton of resources to fill your kids yoga treasure chest and become a confident kids yoga teacher.

Who is This Children's Yoga Teacher Training is for?

  • School Teachers, Supply Teachers, and Principals
  • Early Childhood Educators, Teaching Assistants, and Daycare Managers
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents
  • Youth Leaders and Community Leaders
  • Counselors, Doctors, Pediatricians, and Health Promoters
  • all those who care for children's physical and emotional health and well-being

Choose Young Yoga Masters, Registered Children's Yoga School, to mentor and support you on your path to teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to children.

* Note: You do not need to be a yoga teacher to take the Young Yoga Masters training. However, to become a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance you need both your 200 Hour Certificate (Adult) AND 95 Hour Specialty Training in Children's Yoga. Yoga Alliance requires both trainings from Yoga Alliance Registered Schools. The trainings may be taken in any order. See full details on the Yoga Alliance website here. Or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here.
Live Zoom Online Kids Yoga Teacher Training
Young Yoga Masters

Ends in November 2021

This training bundle includes 60 Hours of live-zoom training sessions + 36 Hours of Self-Paced Training.

Each module of training covers an important area of teaching yoga to youth.

Live Zoom* Training 2021:

Self-Paced Training

You'll have access and can start as soon as you Register:

  • Yoga Literacy with the Yoga Alphabet (16 Hour Certificate) Self Paced Replay of February Training,
  • Themes and Dreams (16 Hour Certificate) Self-Paced Replay of March Training,
  • Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Training- School Age (8 Hour Certificate) Self-Paced Replay of April Training,
  • Family Yoga (4 Hour Certificate) Self-Paced Replay of May,
  • Chakras for Children (4 Hour Certificate) Self-Paced Replay of May.

Total of all Modules: 96 Hours

  • All live training sessions will be recorded and a replay provided.

Upon successful completion you are eligible to receive your 96 Hour Certificate from our Yoga Alliance, Registered Children's Yoga School*.

Kids Yoga teacher training

This Training was Incredible!

This training program was incredible! We learned so many techniques to really be able to teach a group of children. The wealth of information and continued support has been so valuable!

  • Jess K., Graduate 95 Hour Certification, 2016
Regular Price: $2190 CAD*

Save $450 with Online Training:

  • 96 Hour Certificate: $1740 CAD*
  • for monthly Installments add a one time fee of $50 + tax where applicable*
* Plus applicable taxes where required by law. Rates are in Canadian currency. Please check your currency conversion for an estimate if you are outside Canada.

Online training gives you no-frills pricing for extra savings. You save with PDF's of Manuals and Activity Pages that you save and print when you want. Everything is online, no materials are mailed to you other than your 96 Hour Certificate.

Installment Plans: A one-time fee of $50 for installment plan. All payments must be completed before your 96 Hour Certificate is issued.

Certificates: All Module Certificates are issued online. Your 96 Hour Certificate, from our Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga School, is mailed to you at the successful completion of all modules and course work.

Scholarships: For those who are experiencing a loss of income during the Covid-19 crisis, a limited number of relief scholarship are available for a limited time in the form of a discount coupon for $200 off.

BIPOC Scholarships: A limited number of partial scholarships (25 - 50% off) are available for BIPOC to help rectify inequity in income caused by systemic racism and to create a more representative yoga community.

Scholarships are granted based on the date of application, availability, with priority given to those already on the Young Yoga Masters newsletter.

Please indicate your interest in the scholarship on the application form here.

3 Step Registration Process

There are 3 steps to complete your registration for the 96 Hour Certification:

  1. Review the Course Release, Waiver and Refund Policy. By registering you acknowledge your agreement with the Release and Waiver Form and Refund Policy.
  2. Complete the Course Registration here.
  3. Remit your payment online or through e-transfer.

Your registration is not confirmed until payment and application form are received.

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Refund Policy:

Review the Course Release, Waiver and Refund Policy Here.

5 out of 5 Stars!

I found this training absolutely fabulous. I feel comfortable teaching every age group. Now I know how to plan curriculum for teenagers, preschools, and school age. I absolutely recommend this course!

  • Melissa R. Graduate of 2014 Summer Certification
Kids Yoga Teacher Training Online Certification

Live Zoom Training:

This training will also be recorded and posted for later viewing.

Yoga Literacy Kids Yoga Teacher Trainer with a frog doing warrior 2 pose


16 Hour Certificate

  • 14 Hours recorded training,
  • 2 hours practicum observation, planning, and teaching,


PDF versions of the Yoga Alphabet in English and French, colour and black and white, and full page and 1/4 page sized.

Teach Yoga Properly: Our 5 Point Check gives you the principles of alignment for teaching yoga that can be used in all poses.

Best yoga activities for ages 3 – 15 years old including partner yoga poses.

Discover how the Alphabet is more than letters, it’s word games and storytelling too! Utilize Literacy and Storytelling Games that make yoga fun and enhance spelling and other school lessons.

Relaxation techniques that calm kids at the beginning of class, how to re-gain focus throughout your lesson plan, and provide much needed relaxation at the end of class.

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Training Themes and Dreams


16 Hour Certificate

  • 14 hours recorded training
  • 2 hours practicum planning, teaching, and reflection.

Come explore child-friendly yoga philosophy to awaken the imagination! This Certificate includes:

Tested lesson plans for Children's yoga, including how to introduce yoga and meditation in your first classes,

Teen Yoga lesson plans.

How to take your classes to the next level, to include child-friendly yoga philosophy and tools, and connect with children to gain cooperation.

The Kids Yoga Class Creator, an intuitive template to organize your own Lesson Plans.

Yoga Breathing techniques to reduce stress.

Mindful games, songs and stories that empower youth.

Tools for self-regulation, healthy movement, and happiness.

Family Yoga and Chakras for Children Kids Yoga Teacher Training Bundle


16 Hours in 3 Certificates

  • 14 Hours recorded training
  • 2 hours practicum planning, teaching, and reflection.


Kids Yoga and Mindfulness (8 Hour Certificate)

Get Lesson Plans using stories and learn how to plan your own classes with stories.

Explore Teacher Favourites including bubble breathing activities and favourite songs too!

Chakras for Children (4 Hour Certificate) explores the Chakras as tools for Social and Emotional Learning.

Take a Journey through the Chakras through the eyes of a child! You’ll learn how to introduce the Chakras to school age children, tweens, and teens.

Family Yoga (4 Hour Certificate) includes lesson plans for adult/child (Mom's and Tots) and Family Yoga.

Create opportunities for families to bond in a positive way

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Training Inclusive Yoga
Live Zoom Training on:

Sunday, Sept. 19 +

Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021

16 Hour Certificate

  • 10 am – 12:30 pm,
  • 2 pm – 4:30 pm (both days)
  • 4 Hours prerecorded training,
  • 10 hours live Zoom calls that will be recorded and posted,
  • 2 hours practicum observation, planning, and teaching,

Accommodate Children with a Variety of Needs in Your Classes. Discover effective techniques to bring yoga to all children. This Certificate includes:

Understanding children with special needs, including children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Anxiety, and Different Abilities

An examination of the report on racism in the school system and what that means for BIPOC as students and teachers.

How the Yoga Man Sun Salutation Activities can be used to reduce stress and include boys in yoga class.

Comparisons of yoga for kids in a typical class and yoga with kids with different needs.

Sample lesson plans.

How to set up your classroom.

Use of Visual Schedules and Visual Antecedent Procedures to ease anxiety.

Strategies for involving parents, caregivers and teachers.

Live Zoom Training on:


Oct. 12, 19, 26 + Nov. 2

16 Hour Certificate

  • :30 - 9 pm EST for 4 Tuesday's
  • 4 Hours prerecorded training,
  • 10 hours live Zoom calls that will be recorded and posted,
  • 2 hours practicum observation, planning, and teaching,

Learn the various ways Mindfulness can be practiced to calm both teachers and students and help them get ready to learn.

Get effective tools including the Meditations for Growing Minds Album and Activities to support you in introducing Mindfulness to Children.

Explore breathing tools that kids can practice anytime, anywhere, to help calm the brain, and learn why they work.

Get ideas to use the Balancing Eagle in yoga poses, stretching, and on the desk.

Utilize Mindfulness in everyday activities that don’t a lot of take extra time.

Practice kid-friendly games and activities that promote Social and Emotional Learning and enhance relationships and communities.

Business Planning and Curriculum Design for Kids Yoga
Live Zoom Training on:

Sunday, Nov. 14 +

Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021

16 Hour Certificate

  • 10 am – 12:30 pm,
  • 2 pm – 4:30 pm (both days)
  • 4 Hours prerecorded training,
  • 10 hours live Zoom calls that will be recorded and posted,
  • 2 hours practicum observation, planning, and teaching,

In this Mastermind group, you will get clear on your next steps. During the Open Space Learning you will work with others who share similar goals to break down your goals into achievable actions to move you forward.

  • Curriculum Design for your Yoga program, kids yoga camps, or classroom.
  • Authentic and Ethical Business Practices
  • How to Price Your Services.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising
  • Networking and Advertising: What works and what is a waste of money.
  • 5 Essentially Free On-line Resources that can help you build your Yoga Classes, network, advertise, and keep in touch.

Create an Action Plan of Your Next Steps in Kids Yoga!

This Comprehensive Training Includes:

This Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School training is by application only. It includes:

  • Live Zoom Training Hours for dates listed above
  • Self-paced training and replays of all live training calls
  • Practicum planning teaching, and reflection (self-paced)
  • One-to-one check in with your trainer before graduation,
  • Comprehensive PDF's of your manuals,
  • PDF's of activity and colouring pages for kids yoga activities

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Online Certification

Loved my training with Young Yoga Masters

I absolutely loved my training with Young Yoga Masters. I already had considerable amount of training and experience working with children and yoga before coming to this training. Even so I was blown away by the scope of the training, the amount of material we were able to cover, the huge number of new ideas, inspiration and resources I was given access to, and the friendliness and knowledge of the lead trainers. I would recommend this program 100%

  • Cindi S. Graduate of 2019 Summer Certification

A Safe, Friendly, Positive Learning Environment

Aruna shares a wealth of experience and information, fosters a safe, friendly, positive learning environment, and provides each participant a wealth of resources and props they can use to help find their personal voice, style, and path as children's yoga teachers.

  • Becky B., Graduate of 2019 Summer Certification
Kids Yoga Teacher Training Online Certification