Mindfulness for Children Teacher Training

This 16 Hour Module includes:

  • 14 Hours of training videos to complete at our own pace
  • 2 hours Practicum Teaching and Self-Reflection
  • Certificate of completion for 16 Hours of training that counts towards your 96 Hour Certificate with Young Yoga Masters, a Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga School

What you get in the training:

  • What is Mindfulness:  Learn the various ways Mindfulness can be practiced to calm both teachers and students and help them get ready to learn. Get effective tools including the Meditations for Growing Minds Album and Activities to support you in introducing Mindfulness to Children.


  • Research on Why Mindfulness is so Popular: Discover how Mindfulness works on the brain and body and the research and evidence that support the practice of Mindfulness.


  • Mindful Breathing Tools: Explore breathing tools that kids can practice anytime, anywhere, to help calm the brain, and learn why they work.


  • Mindful Movement, Mindful Living: Utilize Mindfulness in everyday activities that don’t a lot of take extra time, such as walking, stretching, or getting a drink of water. Learn to turn typically “boring” times like waiting or doing chores into opportunities to gain clarity and balance.

  • Social and Emotional Learning through Games: Practice kid-friendly games and activities that promote Social

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Your 16 Hour Certificate is issued online at the successful completion of all module course work.

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