Become a Kids Yoga Teacher

July 9 - 21, 2023

10 am - 5 pm EST Daily - No Class Saturday July 15

In Person Training:

Come to the Summer Certification by the shores of Lake Ontario in Canada and earn your 96 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate with Young Yoga Masters, a Yoga Alliance Registered School.

The 12 Day Immersion Training will give you:

  • A ton of resources and activities that kid's love, to fill your kids yoga treasure chest,

  • Confidence to teach kids gained by observing your trainers teach children in the training PLUS you will teach children during the training practicum,

  • A community of amazing peers to stay connected and support each other after the training,

  • Self-paced training recordings of each module that you can review after the training,

  • Class size limited to 20 participants giving you a community experience and personal access to your Trainers who have over 25 years experience teaching children,

  • 12 days of training means you can graduate on the last day of training!

Watch a Sample of Activities In The Training:



Who is This Children's Yoga Teacher Training is for?

  • School Teachers, Supply Teachers, and Principals
  • Early Childhood Educators, Teaching Assistants, and Daycare Managers
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents
  • Youth Leaders and Community Leaders
  • Counselors, Doctors, Pediatricians, and Health Promoters
  • all those who love yoga and have children in their lives

Choose Young Yoga Masters, Registered Children's Yoga School, to mentor and support you on your path to teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to children.

* Note: You do not need to be a yoga teacher to take the Young Yoga Masters training. However, to become a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance you need both your 200 Hour Certificate (Adult) AND 95 Hour Specialty Training in Children's Yoga PLUS 30 Hours Teaching Experience. Yoga Alliance requires both trainings from Yoga Alliance Registered Schools.

See full details on the Yoga Alliance website here. Or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Summer Certification Includes:

  • In-Person Class size limited to approximately 20 people,

  • 72 In-Person Hours with your Experienced Trainers

  • 24 Hours of self-paced review, reflection and personal practice time,

  • Manuals in Printed and PDF format,

  • Many of the props used in the training including the Yoga Alphabet cards, posters, balancing eagle and more!

  • Practicum experience with children in the live training,

  • Training from a Yoga Alliance Registered School,

  • Lifetime Access to the Self-paced training,

  • After training support through our monthly zoom mini-training, newsletter, and Private Facebook Group for graduates.


The 12 Day Summer Certification takes place in the beautiful Art Gallery of Burlington on the shores of Lake Ontario, Canada.

Total of all Modules: 96 Hours

  • Sessions are not recorded but you have access to self-paced training that you can review anytime.

Upon successful completion you are eligible to receive your 96 Hour Certificate from our Yoga Alliance, Registered Children's Yoga School*.

Note: The Summer In-person training will be held at Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. there is No recording of the actual class but students have access to the 96 Hour self-paced training after the in person training is complete.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Modules:

  • Daily from 10 am - 5 pm EST, No Class Saturday July 15
  • Each 16 Hour Certificate includes: 12 hours in-person training plus 4 Hours reflection and homework that can be completed during the weeks of training.


Sunday July 9 +

Monday July 10

16 Hour Certificate


PDF versions of the Yoga Alphabet in English and French, colour and black and white, and full page and 1/4 page sized.

Teach Yoga Properly: Our 5 Point Check gives you the principles of alignment for teaching yoga that can be used in all poses.

Best yoga activities for ages 3 – 15 years old including partner yoga poses.

Discover how the Alphabet is more than letters, it’s word games and storytelling too! Utilize Literacy and Storytelling Games that make yoga fun and enhance spelling and other school lessons.

Relaxation techniques that calm kids at the beginning of class, how to re-gain focus throughout your lesson plan, and provide much needed relaxation at the end of class.

Family Yoga and Chakras for Children Kids Yoga Teacher Training Bundle

Tuesday, July 11 +

Wednesday, July 12

16 Hour Bundle of 3 Certificates

July 11 morning: Family Yoga (4 Hour Certificate):

Includes lesson plans for adult/child (Mom's and Tots) and Family Yoga.

Create opportunities for families to bond in a positive way.

July 11 afternoon: Chakras for Children (4 Hour Certificate)

Explore the Chakras as tools for Social and Emotional Learning.

Take a Journey through the Chakras through the eyes of a child! You’ll learn how to introduce the Chakras to school age children, tweens, and teens.

July 12: Kids Yoga and Mindfulness (8 Hour Certificate)

Get Lesson Plans using stories and learn how to plan your own classes with stories.

Explore Teacher Favourites including bubble breathing activities and favourite songs too!

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Training Themes and Dreams

Thursday, July 13 +

Friday, July 14

16 Hour Certificate

Come explore child-friendly yoga philosophy to awaken the imagination! This Certificate includes:

Tested lesson plans for Children's yoga, including how to introduce yoga and meditation in your first classes,

Teen Yoga lesson plans.

How to take your classes to the next level, to include child-friendly yoga philosophy and tools, and connect with children to gain cooperation.

The Kids Yoga Class Creator, an intuitive template to organize your own Lesson Plans.

Yoga Breathing techniques to reduce stress.

Mindful games, songs and stories that empower youth.

Tools for self-regulation, healthy movement, and happiness.

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Training Inclusive Yoga

Sunday, July 16 +

Monday, July 17

16 Hour Certificate

Accommodate Children with a Variety of Needs in Your Classes. Discover effective techniques to bring yoga to all children. This Certificate includes:

Understanding children with special needs, including children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Anxiety, and Different Abilities

An examination of the report on racism in the school system and what that means for BIPOC as students and teachers.

How the Yoga Man Sun Salutation Activities can be used to reduce stress and include boys in yoga class.

Comparisons of yoga for kids in a typical class and yoga with kids with different needs.

Sample lesson plans.

How to set up your classroom.

Use of Visual Schedules and Visual Antecedent Procedures to ease anxiety.

Strategies for involving parents, caregivers and teachers.


Tuesday, July 18 +

Wednesday, July 19

16 Hour Certificate

Learn the various ways Mindfulness can be practiced to calm both teachers and students and help them get ready to learn.

Get effective tools including the Meditations for Growing Minds Album and Activities to support you in introducing Mindfulness to Children.

Explore breathing tools that kids can practice anytime, anywhere, to help calm the brain, and learn why they work.

Get ideas to use the Balancing Eagle in yoga poses, stretching, and on the desk.

Utilize Mindfulness in everyday activities that don’t a lot of take extra time.

Practice kid-friendly games and activities that promote Social and Emotional Learning and enhance relationships and communities.

Business Planning and Curriculum Design for Kids Yoga

Thursday, July 20 +

Friday, July 21

16 Hour Certificate

In this Mastermind group, you will get clear on your next steps. During the Open Space Learning you will work with others who share similar goals to break down your goals into achievable actions to move you forward.

  • Curriculum Design for your Yoga program, kids yoga camps, or classroom.
  • Authentic and Ethical Business Practices
  • How to Price Your Services.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising
  • Networking and Advertising: What works and what is a waste of money.
  • 5 Essentially Free On-line Resources that can help you build your Yoga Classes, network, advertise, and keep in touch.

Create an Action Plan of Your Next Steps in Kids Yoga!

Graduates of the Kids Yoga Teacher Give Their Reviews


Kids Yoga teacher training

This Training was Incredible!

This training program was incredible! We learned so many techniques to really be able to teach a group of children. The wealth of information and continued support has been so valuable!

  • Jess K., Graduate 95 Hour Certification, 2016

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  4. Complete your payment and registration from the options below.

Once your payment is complete, you will have instant access to the training manual PDF's and Self-Paced Training. Please be sure when you register. Due to the limited number of spaces and instant access to the training, there are no refunds.

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5 out of 5 Stars!

I found this training absolutely fabulous. I feel comfortable teaching every age group. Now I know how to plan curriculum for teenagers, preschools, and school age. I absolutely recommend this course!

  • Melissa R. Graduate of 2014 Summer Certification
Kids Yoga Teacher Training Online Certification



Meet Your Instructors

Lead Trainer: Aruna Kathy Humphrys, Founder of Young Yoga Masters

Aruna is an internationally recognized expert in teaching kids yoga and a sought after speaker and trainer around the world and locally in Ontario, Canada. She is the author of the online kids yoga teacher training programs The Frog Yoga Alphabet Games and ManualYoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga for Boys Games for Stress Reduction, founder of Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Teacher Training and co-founder of Ambassador Yoga 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training. Aruna is read by thousands of new and experienced yoga teachers through the Young Yoga Masters blog.

Aruna has been teaching kids yoga for 20 years including one local Montessori School where she has been teaching since 2000. She has taught adult/child yoga and children’s yoga at a community center for 12 years. She led weekly after school classes in the pre-school, kinder, junior, and senior school age rooms at a daycare for 10 years. Aruna has also taught family yoga, kids camps, and children’s yoga class at a variety of yoga studios, schools, and yoga conferences in Canada and the United States.

Aruna will be teaching you in all modules of the 95 Hour Training.

Trainer: Marcia LeBlanc

Marcia is a 500 Hour Modo Yoga Teacher, 200 HR Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher as a grad of Young Yoga Masters program. She is now the Founder and Director of Yogi Frogz KidsLet It Shine Yoga where she hosts family yoga retreats, and co-founder of Super Hero Kids Yoga.

She teaches kids yoga throughout Toronto and Oakville. Most noteworthy are her kids yoga, family yoga, yoga camps. Marcia is developing an international family yoga retreat too!

Marcia brings warmth and compassion to her classes. She leads by example with a smile and mindful listening.

Marcia will be a Trainer at the Yoga Literacy, Family Yoga, Chakras for Children, and Mindfulness for Children Modules.

Trainer: Yasuko Tanaka

Yasuko is owner and director of Japanese/Canadian Autism Service in Toronto and is a Social Play Specialist. She help children and adults develop social skills incorporating play, yoga, and meditation. She is a graduate of the 95 Hour Young Yoga Masters program.

Yasuko will be a special guest speaker in the Inclusive Yoga Module and will share her favorite yoga activities and strategies. Yasuko is on a mission to make sure that every teacher remembers that all children want to be part of the fun, and there is always a way to include everyone!

Trainer: Maggie Duan

Maggie works with children as an Early Childhood Educator in a daycare setting, tutoring children in Mandarin/English and teaching yoga at summer camps.

Teaching yoga for over 5 years, Maggie completed 30-hour Yoga-YogaGrove, 200-hour YTT-Yoga Renew, 95-hour Kids YTT-Young Yoga Masters, 50-hour Pre/Post-natal-Toronto Yoga Mamas. She founded Yogatime in 2019 offering yoga in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and French.

Maggie also holds a Bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism, a postgraduate certificate in sports journalism, a spoken language interpreter certificate and an Early Childhood Education Degree from Toronto Metropolitan University.

What Young Yoga Masters Graduates Have To Say:

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Online Certification

Loved my training with Young Yoga Masters

I absolutely loved my training with Young Yoga Masters. I already had considerable amount of training and experience working with children and yoga before coming to this training. Even so I was blown away by the scope of the training, the amount of material we were able to cover, the huge number of new ideas, inspiration and resources I was given access to, and the friendliness and knowledge of the lead trainers. I would recommend this program 100%

  • Cindi S. Graduate of 2019 Summer Certification

A Safe, Friendly, Positive Learning Environment

Aruna shares a wealth of experience and information, fosters a safe, friendly, positive learning environment, and provides each participant a wealth of resources and props they can use to help find their personal voice, style, and path as children's yoga teachers.

  • Becky B., Graduate of 2019 Summer Certification
Kids Yoga Teacher Training Online Certification

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Full Registration or Installment Plan

Have Questions?

  • Or contact Aruna if you have any questions or for a free consultation on becoming a kids yoga teacher: Aruna @ YoungYogaMasters. com or by phone at 1.416.944.2888

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